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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Use of Videos in the Classroom to Improve English Skills: An Action Research Project

Shari Burnard.

A study over two years on how showing videos improved the English skills of at risk students. During the first year middle school behaviour problem students improved their vocabulary recognition and reading comprehension by 5 grade levels according to standard testing after viewing videos on a regular basis. The second year of observation is at the high school level with students with various exceptionalities and is presently taking place.


Shari Burnard  (Canada)
Western Technical-Commercial School
Toronto District School Board

Shari Burnard brings a wealth of varied experiences to the field of education. After careers in politics, film, theatre and corporate training within the Ontario Public Service, she began teaching school only two years ago. Her unique blend of education and entertainment called
"Edutainment" has provided her with a different approach to age old teaching problems and issues. Presently she is a Special Education teacher with the Toronto District School Board.

  • Action research
  • Special education
  • At risk students
  • Video

(30 min Conference Paper, English)