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The Learning Conference 2003

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Wine and Poetry: Diversity and Affinity for Cross-cultural Education

Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong.

A study of a corpus of Chinese poems and some of the most pupular poems from other great cultures has revealed thrillingly that "wine in poetry" is universal phonomenon beckoning to and intoxicating poets, with widely diversifying appeals and subtleties.
Believing that poets tell nothing but truth when drunk, the paper argues that this affinity and diversity of cultures in "wine and poetry", as well as other poetry,helps to enhance indepth
human understanding, and poetry created by the free hearts and souls of distinct cultures is an inexhaustible resource for cross-cultural education.
Samples for study include classical and modern Chinese poems (English translation) and those from a range of poetic schools of the world.


Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong  (Macao Special Administrative Region of China)
Asst. Professor in English and Curriculum Studies

University of Macau

Educated in China and the UK, with BA, MA and PhD in English Language and Literature and Post-graduate Diploma in TEFL, she has taught English at secondary and tertiary levels. She is now Asst. Professor, coordinator of BEd Programmes, and MEd thesis supervisor at the University of Macau. Her research interests include English education, curriculum and translation studies and recent publications include Children’s Trilingual Picture Dictionary (Chinese/English/ Portuguese), Macau China (English translation), and about a dozen papers in Chinese and international journals

  • Wine and Poetry
  • Culture
  • Affinity and Diversity
  • Cross-cultural Education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)