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The Learning Conference 2003

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Education in Cyberspace: Creating Online Curriculum through Effective Partnerships

Barbara Combes, George Sekulla.

Developing effective online curriculum that is more than just text on screen is a challenge facing teachers and educators across all sectors of education today. This paper explores how effective partnerships between teachers and experts from outside agencies have contributed to the development of an outcomes-focused, flexible learning environment in a new Western Australian, Government Senior Secondary College. The learning environment being created at Sevenoaks Senior College integrates the use of ICT (Information Communications Technologies) across Learning Area programs and encourages the development of online curriculum as a method of program delivery. The paper closely examines how these interactive online modules have been created at Sevenoaks, the evolving collaborative partnerships between teaching staff and how these partnerships have culminated in the design of interactive and integrated learning experiences that are engaging and relevant for students.


Barbara Combes  (Australia)
School of Computing and Information Science
Edith Cowan University

Barbara has recently been seconded to Edith Cowan University where she is lecturing for the School of Computing and Information Science (SCIS). Since 2001 she has been the Teacher Librarian and Information Manager at Sevenoaks Senior College. In this role Barbara managed the Library and Information Centre, acted as webmaster for the College and was the WebCT and HarvestRoad Administrator. Another aspect of her role has involved working closely with staff on the development of a range of online curriculum modules and online courses to support learning programs at the College.

George Sekulla  (Australia)
Program Coordinator Student Services and Activities

Sevenoaks Senior College

George is the Program Coordinator Student Services and Activities at Sevenoaks Senior College, where he leads the unique Teacher Advocacy and Student Support Programs. George brings significant experience in compulsory and post compulsory education and also in the design, delivery and management of curriculum and pastoral care for senior school students.

  • Online curriculum
  • Partnerships
  • Western Australia

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