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The Learning Conference 2003

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Curriculum Renewal and Transformation

Ken Lountain.

Many educators are motivated in their work by the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a better society. Their commitment is founded on a belief that, in concert with other agents of social change, they can make a positive difference for individuals, for groups of learners, and for society as a whole.

This workshop will describe the central role of equity considerations in the South Australian curriculum framework. This includes the teaching and learning of Essential Learnings and Equity Perspectives and the use of Standards to define the entitlements of all learners. The workshop will focus on the ways in which these elements are intended to promote curriculum renewal and transformation, enabling educators and learners to understand and challenge the social structures and practices which create and maintain advantage and disadvantage.


Ken Lountain  (Australia)
Manager, Commonwealth Equity Programs
Curriculum Policy Directorate
Department of Education and Children's Services

Ken Lountain is an experienced teacher, curriculum developer and professional development provider in English and Literacy at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. He has worked as a Literacy Consultant and managed Commonwealth and State Literacy Programs and cross-curriculum professional development in South Australia. He has contributed to the development and implementation of the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework.
Ken has written and contributed to, a series of books, papers and articles on literacy and English and presented at state and national conferences, including the Alice Springs LERN Conference in 1997.

  • Curriculum
  • Social Change
  • Equity
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantage

(60 min Workshop, English)