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The Learning Conference 2003

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Could Metacognition and Verbalization Enhance Reading Comprehension?

Norsiah Fauzan.

This paper will briefly present the findings on the impact of verbalization techniques (overt and covert) plus metacognitive strategy use on students reading comprehension, guided by the theoretical and conceptual framework of metacognition.

Definition of Metacognition and Verbalization.
Metacognition is one of the methodologies that focus on teaching students to be aware and in control of their own cognition and reading. In other words, the two aspects of metacognition consist of knowledge and awareness of cognition, and control of cognition (Brown, Bransford, Ferrara, and Campione, 1983). The new approach has been proposed in recognition of the need for better reading comprehension. Metacognitive strategies or metacognitive regulation are sequential process that one uses to control cognitive activities, and to ensure that a cognitive goal such as comprehending a text has been achieved. This process that consists of planning and monitoring cognitive activities as well as checking the outcomes of those activities (Livingston, 1997) helps to regulate and oversee learning.

On the other hand, Verbalization is an instrumental activity that mediates between the student perception of the instructional goals and the learning outcomes. Student activities that fit the definition of instrumental activities are both overt and covert. Covert forms of instrumental activities include silent and rehearsal, evoking mental images, or other verbal associates whereas the overt instrumental activities may include verbalizing (out aloud) and note taking.


Norsiah Fauzan  (Malaysia)
Lecturer/ Research student
Faculty of Education
University of Malaysia Sarawak

Name: Norsiah Fauzan
Position: Lecturer in the University of Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan, Kuching. Malaysia.
Subjects taught: Comparative Education and cognitive Psychology
M.ed (Curriculum and Instructions),University of Houston,Texas,
Dip.ed (Maktab Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor), B.A (Honours)
Arts (USM, Penang).

  • Metacognitiion
  • Verbalization

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