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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teachers' use of Feedback Comments to Improve Student Achievement in Standards Based Assessment

Roger Baldwin.

New Zealand introduced a national standards-based assessment system for senior secondary school students in 2002. This paper examines the ways in which Geography teachers have used feedback comments to improve the achievement of students against the standards. It outlines the type and nature of written comments of teachers during formative assessment and includes suggestions for improving practice.


Roger Baldwin  (New Zealand)
School Adviser
School of Professional Development
Christchurch College of Education

Roger Baldwin is a school adviser based at the Christchurch College of Education, New Zealand. He works with Social Science teachers in the fields of curriculum implementation, pedagogy and assessment. Roger has been a secondary school teacher and head of department at schools in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the United Kingdom.

  • Feedback
  • Student achievement
  • Standards based assessment
  • Formative assessment

(30 min Conference Paper, English)