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The Learning Conference 2003

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Addressing Educational Disadvantage at Institutional Level: The Case of a Historically Disadvantaged Institution in South Africa

Connie Zulu.

The vast majority of the black student population in South Africa are still reeling from the negative effects of the educational experience of the former Department of Education and Training (DET). After nearly a decade of the advent of the new political order; two ministers of education and numerous educational reforms, the effects of an impoverished educational system are still being felt. Although the process of eradicating these effects is slow and painstaking, it is nevertheless taking place. National and institutional initiatives are being undertaken to address the problem of the large numbers of academically disadvantaged students entering higher education - beginning with increasing participation rates by improving opportunities for access and providing equal opportunity for all admitted students to succeed.


Connie Zulu  (South Africa)
Department of English
Faculty of Human and Social Sciences University of North West

Ms Zulu’s interests include language and educational issues. Her research interests include student teaching and learning; academic support; and exploring gender issues in the classroom and at institutional management level. Her experience with teaching in an institution of educationally disadvantaged students has motivated her to seek ways to assist these students in the classroom and at institutional levels, through action research and piloting academic assistance programmes.

  • Educational disadvantages

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