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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teacher Voices - Are We Listening?: Meeting the Challenges of Curriculum Reform by Rethinking Strategies for Teacher Support

Neville J. Hosking, Ann S. Teberg.

In order to meet shifting state and district-level curriculum expectations, many teachers in K-12 schools need to make changes to their instruction and assessment practices as they assist students in preparing for a multitude of educational reform in the context of a student-centered learning environment. Many teachers find these expectations for reform to be challenging and, being at varying stages in their careers, their capacity to meet these new expectations for changes in professional practice also varies.

The challenge facing educational leaders is to gather a clear picture of professional development needs of teachers and then to provide them with a comprehensive support system. Giving teachers a way to express their thoughts and ideas related to the types of support they need is a motivating factor that fosters active engagement in curriculum reform initiatives. Teachers clearly indicate that there is more than one strategy for achieving positive professional growth. Educational leaders who carefully listen to these teacher voices are able to create professional development opportunities that are directly linked to what teachers perceive to be of greatest use.

This paper:
1) Outlines the shifting educational environment in which K-12 teachers in the northwestern United States and Canada are undertaking substantial curriculum change;
2) Shares effective tools for gathering information related to teachers' professional development needs; and
3) Provides an organizational model for the design of a comprehensive professional development program of teacher support.


Neville J. Hosking  (United States)
Division of Academic Affairs
Eastern Washington University

More than 20 years in public education in Canada as a teacher, and school administrator. Extensive experience presenting papers at national and international conferences. Author of Middle Years Student-Centered Literacy Instruction (2000). Past Dean of College of Education, and presently Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Ann S. Teberg

  • Teacher Voice
  • Curriculum Change
  • Staff Development tools and model
  • Educational Leadership

(60 min Workshop, English)