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The Learning Conference 2003

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Middle School Students' Perceptions of the Role of Education as a Tool for Social and Personal Transformation

Dr James Etim, A. Etim.

What are the perceptions of middle school students of the role of education as tool for social and personal transformation? Do they see education as important and relevant in their lives? Do they see education as important in providing them skills for living in a global community, etc? Do they see their schools providing them with skills to enable them to manage time, provide coping skills and skills to live in a technological age? How is writing and reading important in their lives? Do they see literature as providing them with morals that will enable them to live as responsible citizens etc? Are they comfortable working with students from other cultures? How can teachers make schools more relevant to their social needs, etc.

300 middle school students were given a questionnaire to complete on their perceptions of education as tool for social and personal transformation. Using a Likert scale type questionnaire, they were asked to rate the importance of education in their lives, how their parents/significant other views education, how they see education as providing them with skills for time management, coping, socialization, literacy, to interact with students from other cultures and to be technologically literate. They were asked how they see technology transforming their lives and what they see wrong with technology etc. The questionnaire was analyzed using variables as age, gender and score based on the state mandated end of year exams. 100 students were also interviewed and their responses recorded and analyzed.


Dr James Etim  (United States)
Coordinator, Middle Grades Education
School of Education
Winston Salem State University

Since obtaining his Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction, I have taught at the University of Jos, Nigeria and several universities in the U.S. I am currently coordinator and Associate Professor of Middle Grades Education at Winston Salem State University.

A. Etim

  • Middle school
  • Curriculum for social transformation and personal development
  • Cultural diversity
  • Technology for learning
  • Social transformation

(Virtual Presentation, English)