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The Learning Conference 2003

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Building Malaysia National Competitiveness: The Need for Learning Organization

Faridah Karim, Ramlee Mustapha, Ruhizan Mohd Yasin, A. Wahab Muhamud, Sobri Takriff.

A learning employee is a valuable asset to any organization. Learning means continuously improving personal competency. A learning person tends to display many positive traits that can benefit the organization. Therefore, creating learning employees should be the prime focus of any organization. The emphasis on nurturing learning employees is even more crucial for organizations in the competitive industries. This paper will discuss the critical factors regarding the organizational culture and the capabilities of Malaysian workers in coping with the challenges of the new economy.


Faridah Karim

I'm an associate professor and former deputy dean with the Faculty of Education . My area of specialisation is in Economic and Social Education and I have done much research , publication and teaching in this field and have worked closely with the Ministry of Education in the preparation and review of Economics curriculum for schools. I obtained my Ph.D from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland .

Ramlee Mustapha

Ruhizan Mohd Yasin

A. Wahab Muhamud

Sobri Takriff

  • Learning organization
  • Workplace culture
  • Employees capabilities
  • New economy
  • Nation's competitiveness

(30 min Conference Paper, English)