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The Learning Conference 2003

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Effective Teacher Education: The X Factor?

Dr Lone M. Jorgensen, Sally Hansen.

Learning to be a teacher is a mega-cumulative-cognitive journey, where theoretical pedagogical knowledge and practical application are meaningfully linked and interwoven with personal and professional developments to create the efficacious teacher. A quality teacher education programme is one that provides and promotes a positive learning environment where self-efficacy beliefs can be developed and nurtured. The initiation for such a study was motivated by the current national and international trend towards flexi-mode and distance delivery of Teacher Education programmes, and a decreased emphasis on personal and social interactions as integral elements of teacher training courses. Both the quantitative and qualitative findings revealed that students in this study displayed a strong preference for a community model of teacher education where personal contact with tutors and peers was central to the programme.


Dr Lone M. Jorgensen  (New Zealand)
Senior Lecturer
{Line 1}Department of Technology, Science and Math Education {Line 2} Massey University College of Education
Massey University

Lone M. Jorgensen teaches Integrated Teaching Studies, Science, Technology and Biology in the one-year Graduate Diploma of Teaching(Secondary) and (Primary) Programmes. Her research has been in teacher training, values education as well as science and technology education.

Sally Hansen  (New Zealand)
Senior Lecturer
Arts andLanguages Department
Massey University College of Education

Sally Hansen worked as Head of English at a Maori Boys' College in New Zealand for 16 years. She currently lectures in Education and English in the Graduate Diploma for Secondary Teaching Programme at Massey University. Her areas of research include boys and literacy achievement, teacher efficacy and student achievement and the related links with teacher education. Sally is currently involved in doctoral study in the area of teacher efficacy and student achievement.

  • Teacher Self-efficacy
  • Teacher Training
  • Teacher Education
  • Community Model

(30 min Conference Paper, English)