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The Learning Conference 2003

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Model for Values Teaching: Learning how Values Impact on Everyday Practice

Margaret Sims.

Values impact on practice. Students aiming to work in the community with children and families need to understand how their personal values impact on how they perform their work. They also need to understand how other value positions shape the actions and perceptions of other professionals and the families with whom they work. This paper presents a model for teaching students different value positions and the impact of these positions on practice. Students are encouraged to analyse resultant practice in terms of their own understandings of quality practice and to determine the values position they believe is congruent with quality practice. In addition to understanding the impact of values on practice, the model also provides opportunities for students to develop competency in putting their chosen values position into practice. The model has been evaluated over a period of years with successive cohorts of students. In addition, a small number of students have been followed up to determine the lasting impact of the teaching and learning process identified in the model. This paper provides an overview of the model and research undertaken to determine its efficacy.


Margaret Sims  (Australia)

Dr Margaret Sims currently co-ordinates the Children and Family Studies programmes at Edith Cowan University. Dhe has research interests in community work with children and families, particularly in the areas of diversity and family support.

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(30 min Conference Paper, English)