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The Learning Conference 2003

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Mandated Standards-based Electronic Portfolio Assessment for Measuring of Preservice Teacher Quality

Dr Katherine C. Wieseman, Dr Terri L. Wenzlaff.

How can preservice teacher quality, or performance, be effectively and meaningfully measured? How prepared are preservice teachers to influence P-12 student learning? The purpose of this interpretive study was to provide insight into the factors and challenges influencing the meaningfulness and effectiveness of state mandated, standards-based, electronic portfolio assessment for documenting and measuring the quality of preservice teacher preparation. The findings revealed that reflection focused on survival in a technological realm rather than on reflective teaching and the macro-context of schooling. The energy expenditure of creating an electronic portfolio meeting the prescribed criteria was so intense that there appeared to be limited reflection related to viewing electronic portfolio assessment as a tool for professional growth. For electronic portfolio assessment to be meaningful, the discourse community must provide opportunities for preservice teachers to articulate their personal theoretical frameworks about reflective teaching.


Dr Katherine C. Wieseman  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Teacher Education Program
Western State College of Colorado

Dr. Wieseman has been involved in education for 19 years as a middle school science teacher and department head, and teacher education faculty member. Her current research focuses on teacher learning and interdisciplinary orientations to science learning.

Dr Terri L. Wenzlaff  (United States)
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Teacher Education
Western State College of Colorado

Dr. Wenzlaff has been involved in education for 24 years as a high school teacher and principal, district curriculum director, and teacher education faculty member. Her current research focuses on teacher learning, reflection, and accountability issues in education.

  • Electronic Portfolio Assessment
  • Standards-based Portfolio Assessment
  • Barriers to Technological Literacy
  • Orientations to Reflection

(30 min Conference Paper, English)