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The Learning Conference 2003

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Empowering Parents and Children as a Move Towards Developing a Partnership Around Learning

Anne Wilks.

The role given to parents and children throughout the assessment processes in kindergartens (the year prior to school) and prep grades (the first year of school) in Victoria, Australia is very limited. Approximately one third of teachers do not involve parents at all in the assessment process. One third of kindergarten teachers involve parents in providing background information and less than one third of prep grade teachers involve parents in collaborating and sharing information. Children are also given very limited roles in their own assessment. Self assessment is more common in prep grade, however it is still quite limited. The Australian Council of State School Organisations and the Australian Parents Council Inc. (1996) outline assessment as one area where a partnership around learning can take place. How can kindergartens and schools achieve this partnership?


Anne Wilks  (Australia)
Senior lecturer RMIT
Faculty of Education, language and Community Services

  • Assessment
  • Partnership
  • Empowering parents
  • Empowering children

(30 min Conference Paper, English)