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The Learning Conference 2003

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Parent Invovlement Reconceptualized

Dr Douglas J. Fiore.

This paper is designed to assist educators in understanding the need for reconceptualizing parent involvement. Too often our schools are characterized by cultures that either exclude parents or expect involvement that is unrealistic in today's frenzied work environment. School leaders must transform these cultures in a way that values parent participation both at home and at school. It is time for parents to feel valued when they show support for school in such ways as assuring that their children arrive at school prepared to learn. Through this paper, school practitioners and researchers alike will recognize the need for a paradigm shift in our understanding of parent involvement. This work was accomplished through on-site interviews with educators and by drawing on tow of my books, School Community Relations, and Dealing with Difficult Parents.


Dr Douglas J. Fiore  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Division of Educational Studies
School of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Fiore is a professor, author, and consultant. He has published books in the area of School-Community Relations, Working with Parents, and Improving School Culture. He teaches graduate students preparing for careers in educational administration, and he consults with school distircts throughout the United States.

  • Parent Involvement
  • School-Community Relations
  • Student Achievement
  • Educational Leadership

(30 min Conference Paper, English)