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The Learning Conference 2003

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Beyond Patriotism in the New Millennium: Creating a New Vision for Education

Leo R. Sandy, Scott R. Meyer.

This workshop will involve a brief presentations of concerns and issues that question the emphasis on nationalism within schools. This will be followed by a dialogue to generate ways that nationalism and cosmopolitanism can be balanced so that children will learn the rights and responsibilities of being both a national citizen and world citizen.

The concept of patriotism has been debated over time in societies with regard to how citizens should be socialized. Within our school systems, at all levels, this debate has heated up since the recent attack on the World Trade Center. Issues such as who defines patriotism and citizenship, politics and symbols, balancing dissent and conformity, and the prizing of engagement in respectful dialogue regarding opposing views will be addressed within the context of creating a vision in our schools for balancing national and world citizenship. Alternatives to current curricula and practices will be examined.


Leo R. Sandy  (United States)
Professor of Education
Department of Education
Plymouth State College

Scott R. Meyer  (United States)
Professor of Social Work
Department of Social Work
Plymouth State College

  • Patriotism
  • Nationalism
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • World Citizen
Person as Subject
  • Nussbaum, Martha

(60 min Workshop, English)