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The Learning Conference 2003

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New Designs for Teaching and Learning: Using Webfolio to Assess Student Progress in a Teacher Education Program

Judith Crowe.

The use of portfolio assessment is common in today's schools and universities. That use reflects a trend toward assessments of performance that are considered to be more authentic ways to demonstrate competence in subject matter and in pedagogy. Performance-based assessment has the distinct advantage of combining instruction and assessment. The (U.S.) National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) defined standards of teaching excellence subject to alternative assessment (Darling-Hammond, 1995). Many states and school districts have adopted alternative assessment strategies.

This session will present the development and application of 'webfolio', an online electronic portfolio system used with students in preservice and graduate level education classes at California Lutheran University. Developed across three years, this format has been used successfully with both students and faculty to develop innovative approaches to the teaching-learning process. The focus is to prepare faculty, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors to model the appropriate selection, access and use of technology in teaching and learning and to mentor preservice teachers about, with, and through technology. The presentation will include evidence on the design of the model, the content, and evaluation of the project. Web-based portfolio assessment has the distinct advantage of combining interactive materials with reflective writing. We identify professional assessment techniques that are successful and ways to have technology strengthen these successful experiences. We must commit ourselves to embracing the possibilities of the power of technology and performance-based assessment in the form of electronic portfolios.

In addition to using the webfolio for teacher candidate assessment, faculty can use the format to prepare for rank and tenure review. If we expect students to make use of the electronic medium for performance assessment, it behooves us to lead in those pathways. There are a number of benefits to using the webfolio for this process. Therefore, this presentation will include a discussion of the use of webfolio for development of faculty review portfolios.


Judith Crowe  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Education
School of Education
California Lutheran University

Dr. Judith Crowe is Assistant Professor of Education at California Lutheran University She also serves as Regional Director of the California Reading and Literature Project. Dr. Crowe holds both elementary and secondary reading credentials and has taught preschool through graduate school for over 30 years. She has published and presented research in the areas of reading and technology, and continues to explore those areas in combination. She and her family live in Southern California.

  • Teacher education
  • Electronic portfolio
  • Standards-based education
  • Faculty development
Person as Subject
  • Love, Douglas Gathercoal, Paul Crowe, Judith

(30 min Conference Paper, English)