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The Learning Conference 2003

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Integration of Technology into the Curriculum: The Perspectives of Teachers and Students within a Western Australian Secondary School

Donald E. Scott, Dr Shelley Scott.

This paper is the initial findings of a longitudinal study that explores the impact of the integration of Information Technology (IT) into the curriculum on teachers and students learning. Information technology is accepted as a fundamental aspect of teaching and learning in schools today and yet the impact of IT on teaching practices is largely undiscovered country. Complicating this issue is that teachers are frequently faced with students who have higher levels of expertise with IT and yet teachers are expected to utilise IT in innovative ways that will promote and foster student learning. This study explores teachers and students current skill level with IT, identifies teachers ongoing professional development needs and examines the effect that integrating IT into the curriculum has had on the school culture. Students development and perspectives in relation to IT will be tracked over the period of their high school experience.


Donald E. Scott  (Australia)
Manager of Information Systems
Balga Senior High School
Department of Education

Don Scott is an experienced Science and Information Technology secondary teacher. His expertise is in designing, establishing and maintaining technology infrastructure within the school context. He has created and conducted professional development programs tailored to the individual needs of teachers. His research interests include investigating the integration of IT into the curriculum and the effects of ICT on staff and students' learning.

Dr Shelley Scott  (Australia)
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, Division of Business
Academic Development
Curtin University of Technology

Dr Shelleyann Scott is the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning in Academic Development (Business Division) at Curtin University of Technology. She is an experienced tertiary and secondary high school teacher. Her expertise includes simple and complex teaching models, cooperative and collaborative learning strategies, science, and information technology. Her research interests include professional development within educational environments, business and government; lifelong learning; the creation and maintenance of learning communities, and the use of Information Technology to support ongoing reflection and learning for teachers and students. Evaluating the effectiveness of professional development activities with a view to ensuring high quality outcomes for students is also one of her interests.

  • Information Technology
  • Teachers' IT Expertise
  • Students' IT Expertise
  • Professional Development
  • School Culture
  • Teaching Practices

(30 min Conference Paper, English)