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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Ann Morrice Language Literacy Program

Ann Morrice.

This literacy and language process has been trialled across Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Malaysia with instant sucesss in all areas of literacy development. It is particularly of interest to ESL learners and Indigenous students and has been working with students up to the age of 50 plus. It has been used across all socio-economic areas and in all cultural groups. The process is constantly being improved by the teachers using the method and by current research which verifies the strength of the process and its ability to take good teaching practice and link it in such a way as to provide the strategies for success with all literacy learners.


Ann Morrice

  • Language literacy process
  • All age groups
  • All areas of literacy
  • Process
  • Process for literacy development Success in litercay learning
  • Success in literacy acquisition
Person as Subject
  • This work is about all literacy learners

(60 min Workshop, English)