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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teaching as We are Taught to Teach: Enhancing the Apprenticeship of Observation in Literacy Teaching and Learning

Dr Tony Donk.

For many years we have heard the expression, "Teachers teach the way they were taught, not the way they were taught to teach." There is a great deal of research that would seem to be supportive. The implications for literacy teaching and learning are enormous. We must help new teacher candidates use what they are learning to shape their practices.

This workshop will examine a project template for how teacher candidates can be provided with an opportunity to fully explore research, theory and practice models that focus on their stated beliefs about literacy learning and teaching.

The goal of the process to be shared is to help candidates enhance their understandings of literacy learning and practices (based on experiences as students themselves) with relevant research that supports, challenges and enhances these beliefs.


Dr Tony Donk  (United States)
Professor of Education
Education Department
Hope College

Classroom teacher for 17 years and currently an Associate Professor at Hope College. I teach courses in literacy learning, with a focus on emergent literacy.

  • Apprenticeship of observation
  • Liiteracy learning
  • Teaching

(60 min Workshop, English)