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The Learning Conference 2003

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Defining and Measuring Clinical Learning Outcomes: A Nursing Faculty's Experience

Suzan Baddour.

Defining and measuring learning outcomes are challenging tasks for any educator. For the clinical nursing educator, this task becomes quite hefty given the nature of the learning environment. That environment often consists a tertiary care setting where the teacher, together with the students, are responsible for clients or more specifically patients who are sick and in need of individualised health care. In that environment, errors are not permitted and client care may take precedence over student needs. Given the length of clinical rotations, a second chance is not always offered, and if afforded, it is almost never the same, as patients? conditions change or they are being discharged. Important learning outcomes have been identified and clinical tools to measure them exist. Yet, it is the student?s ability to identify, articulate and manage the client?s health problems - or what is known as the nursing diagnosis and accompanying nursing interventions ? that epitomize key outcomes basic to any clinical learning. This paper will address a nursing faculty's process of assessing and evaluating, in a paediatric setting, 2nd year students? critical thinking and reaching of these core learning outcomes.


Suzan Baddour  (Canada)
Associate Professor
School Of Nursing
Memorial University Of Newfoundland

Dr. Suzan B. Baddour is an Associate Professor at Memorial University School of Nursing, in St John‚s, Newfoundland, Canada. Her specialty is paediatric nursing. Presently she teaches the care of chronically ill children and adolescents and their families. Her current research interests focus on the knowledge and attitudes of high school students about breastfeeding, and breastfeeding intentions and practices of
teen mothers.

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