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The Learning Conference 2003

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Establishing a Learning Environment through Knowledge Management: A Case Study

Trudie Steyn.

The growing recognition of the value of knowledge embedded in skills, abilities and experiences of people, has become an unfolding discourse known as knowledge management. The applicability and benefit of 'knowledge' as a critical component of intellectual discourse has also become obvious to the academic community. The purpose of this paper is to explore the manifestation of this discourse, knowledge management, in an academic programme. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a module forming part of a Masters programme in Educational Management offered by a major distance education institution in the Republic of South Africa and taught over one year. This paper explores the question: To what extent does the module HRM as part of the Master's programme in Educational Management contribute towards knowledge creation in the schools/organisations of the learners? To understand the knowledge and skills created through learning material and the role played by learners in knowledge management, it is crucial to determine the views of learners. A qualitative research design was chosen since it allowed the researcher to gain insight into learner perceptions of their role in knowledge creation in their respective schools/organisations.

Data were coded when reading through the notes for the first time and significant comments were grouped into units of meaning. Three themes emerged from the data analysis: personal and professional growth; sharing knowledge and skills in the school/organisation; and developing the organisation.


Trudie Steyn  (South Africa)
Faculty of Education
University of South Africa

Prof Trudie Steyn has been appointed at the University of South Africa since 1986. Her field of study is Human Resource Management and she is involved in the teaching of postgraduate students in Education Management. She has published numerous articles in accredited journals and presented a number of papers on national and international conferences.

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(30 min Conference Paper, English)