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The Learning Conference 2003

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Dr Chang Chi-yun on the Aims of University Education

Yu-hsin Tsai.

Today as universities mushroom and grow utilitarian, it is advisable to listen to what the past education-philosophers have said about the aims of university education, for a renewed perception of university education. This paper examines one of such exemplars, Dr Chang Chi-yun (1901-1985), former Minister of Education of the Republic of China (1954-58) and founder of Chinese Culture University. Both an educational thinker and practitioner, Dr Chang had abundantly expressed, during his governance of the above university, views about university education. This paper examines his views about the aims of university education, including the rationales behind the views, and the realization of these views in his university. Implications of university education are drawn from this modern Chinese educator for the development of higher education today and tomorrow.


Yu-hsin Tsai  (Taiwan)
Associate Professor
English Department
Chinese Culture University

Yu-hsin Tsai, holding a doctoral degree in education from the University of Kansas, is now associate professor of the English Department of Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan. His doctoral thesis examined the educational philosophy of Mr. Yuan-pei Tsai, the fires Chancellor of Peking University. His recent research interest ranges from English language teaching and learning to educational philosophy of Chinese and Western thinkers

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