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The Learning Conference 2003

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Exploring Cultural Identity: Reflections of Pre-service Teachers

Jioanna Carjuzaa.

The United States is a pluralistic society in which classroom diversity abounds and the perceived cultural mismatch between students and teachers is often discussed. In teacher preparation programs we analyze the diversity which exists among our K-12 student population; however, we often
view the teachers' cultural backgrounds through a narrow lens. Based on the premise that one's personal life experiences and cultural background greatly influence one's teaching practices, pre-service teachers in several multicultural foundations of education courses were asked to reflect on their primary and secondary educational experiences, clarify their values, and explore their cultural identity as a first step in understanding their ability to meet the challenges of teaching in diverse classrooms.


Jioanna Carjuzaa  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Education
Department of Education
Linfield College

Jioanna Carjuzaa obtained her Multicultural, Social and Bilingual Foundations of Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has over fourteen years teaching experience as a multicultural teacher educator, diversity trainer, and ESP instructor. She has held faculty positions at The University of Colorado, School of Education and The Economics Institute in Boulder, Colorado, The University of Pennsylvania, and Rocky Mountain College. She currently teaches at Linfield College in Oregon.

  • Exploring Cultural Identity

(30 min Conference Paper, English)