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The Learning Conference 2003

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Preschool to Primary - Continuity of Learning? : An International View

Margie Mayfield.

Continuity across early childhood programs is "the way and degree to which one program relates to and builds on another for the benefit of the children" (Mayfield, 2001). Continuity, especially between preschool and primary, is a common concern for educators, parents, administrators, researchers, governments, and young children in many countries. This presentation is based on my observations of programs and discussions with early childhood educators, teacher educators, and administrators in Europe, North America, and Pacific Rim countries. It will examine continuity from the preschool into the primary grades with examples from several countries
for an international perspective. Firstly, background information on programs in several countries is provided and continuity defined. Next, factors in continuity (i.e., physical/environmental, organizational, philosophical, curricular, administrative, and developmental) are discussed with examples from a variety of countries. Lastly, descriptions from several countries of options for promoting continuity are presented.


Margie Mayfield  (Canada)
University of Victoria

Margie I. Mayfield is Professor of Early Childhood Education & Literacy. Her on-going areas of research interest are comparative early childhood education, family support programs, and children's early literacy development. This conference presentation is based, in part, on her recent study of early childhood programs (preschool, kindergarten, primary) in Pacific Rim countries.

  • Continuity of Learning International View

(30 min Conference Paper, English)