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The Learning Conference 2003

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Art Museum Educators' Learning in Their Professional Development

Wan-Chen Liu.

The importance of museum educators role and function has not been paid much attention in museums in Taiwan. This presentation is based on results derived from a survey of art museum educators conducted in 2002 in Taiwan. The issues of art museum educators' professionalism emerging from survey data will be presented in three sections: knowledge, competence and condition (circumstance). This presentation will allude to a crucial problem in art museum education: the lack of professionalism in the general body of art museum educators. Insufficient pre and in-service art museum educator education seem to be associated with this problem. Helping people
learn from art museums is the main responsibility of art museum educators. However, research shows us that the art museum educators themselves need to learn how people learn in order to help people get museum literacy. The results of this research have implications for learning and teaching in museum education.


Wan-Chen Liu  (Taiwan)
Associate Professor
Graduate Institute of Art Education
National Changhua University of Education

The researcher combines expertise in the areas of art education and museum education. The researcher has extensive publications and presentations record and teaching expertise at different levels and varieties of cultural context in art education and museum education. Museum educators¡œ careers and attitudes have been of interest to the researcher.

  • Art Museum Educators

(30 min Conference Paper, English)