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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Urban Literacy Institute: Developing a Self-sustaining Learning Community Among Urban Teachers

Etta Hollins, Shirlette Burks.

In the United States there is a need to better prepare teachers for under served students in urban settings. The Urban Literacy Institute employs an approach to developing a self- sustaining learning community among teachers that shows considerable promise at the conclusion of its first year. The goal of the Urban Literacy Institute is to enhance teachers‚ ability to facilitate literacy acquisition and development for urban African American students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Qualitative and quantitative data have been collected and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the institute in meeting its goals. The qualitative data reveal the dynamics of the interactions among teachers during cohort meetings and the important insights developed and shared as a consequence of the interaction. The quantitative data summarizes the performance levels of the students in the project schools. The purpose of this session is to introduce the approach employed in the Urban Literacy Institute and present the findings from the first year.


Etta Hollins  (United States)
Professor & Chair of Teacher Education
Rossier School of Education
University of Southern California

Etta Hollins is professor and chair of teacher education at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She teaches courses in multicultural education and methods of teaching diverse populations. She is a well-recognized author, presenter, and consultant on teaching diverse populations and teacher development. Her publications include Culture in School Learning, several edited volumes, and numerous other publications.

Shirlette Burks  (United States)
Director of The Urban Literacy Institute
Department of Teacher Education
Wright State University

  • The Urban Literacy Institute

(60 min Workshop, English)