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The Learning Conference 2003

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Helping Solve the Teacher Shortage: Preparing Teachers with Online Instruction

Julie Lester.

A growing teacher shortage combined with low enrolment in traditional education programs presents a challenge for universities to recruit and graduate a new community of learners. Developing effective instruction that utilizes the physical and technological infrastructures currently in place can provide the impetus for solving the teacher shortage dilemma. This interactive presentation involves participants in discussion
and activities that address how to design online lessons that will help instructors take advantage of the diverse experiences and perspectives that alternative certification students bring to the literacy classroom. These students‚ insights into teaching and lifelong learning enrich the learning experience for everyone. Best practices for virtual and traditional classrooms along with insights and comments from students will be shared through cooperative group interaction, individual activities, and writing activities. Learning more about evidence-based literacy instruction will benefit educators who are planning new literacy programs or who are teaching online or on-campus literacy classes.


Julie Lester  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Department of Teaching and Learning
Southeastern Louisiana University

Dr. Lester is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Southeastern Louisiana University. She teaches graduate and undergraduate literacy courses which are offered on-campus and online. She taught high school and seventh grade students, and many of her professional activities deal with content area literacy instruction in secondary schools

  • Teacher shortage

(60 min Workshop, English)