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The Learning Conference 2003

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On Ethnography of Media Learning Environments

Stefan Aufenanger.

The creation of learning environments with new media is an important challenge of media education. Mostly teachers focus on integrating learning software in the classroom without respecting pedagogical aspects. But media learning environments are more than this. They contain aspects of the learner, of the classroom, of media structure, of social interactions
with media, and of the role of the teacher. In an ethnographical approach by four case studies the paper will argue that for fostering learning of children it is very important to consider all the mentioned aspects. Not only as a research method but also as a method of developing media learning environments the ethnographic approach will be emphasized. Each of the case studies will show that the arrangements of all factors are very important for learning processes, and that educational settings for learning with new media have to be created by respecting all aspects.


Stefan Aufenanger  (Germany)

Faculty of Education
University of Hamburg

Dr. Stefan Aufenanger; Professor of Pedagogy and Media Education at the University of Hamburg/Germany. He studied pedagogy, psychology and sociology at the University of Mainz, and he worked at several universities in Germany and Switzerland. His main research topics are new media and learning, moral education, and qualitative research methods.

  • Learning environment

(30 min Conference Paper, English)