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The Learning Conference 2003

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Mapping School Geographies: Teaching and Learning in Unsafe Places

Susan Nelson Wood.

In the wake of increasing acts of violence within our global community, educators concerned with literacy can and must learn to address issues involving student safety. This paper tells the story of a comparative research study conducted in secondary schools during the wake of school shootings at a nearby high school, but initiated in an English education methods course. Describing student safety from the perspectives of students situated within a school's context, this study has implications for classroom teachers, for administrators grappling with the challenge of making schools safer, and for all of us concerned with thinking critically about real world issues.


Susan Nelson Wood  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Middle and Secondary Education
Florida State University

Susan Nelson Wood is an assistant professor in the English Education program at Florida State University. Her research interests intersect teacher preparation, secondary English teaching, and issues of literacy. She has co-edited The Nearness of You: Students and Teachers Writing Online

  • Mapping School Geographies

(30 min Conference Paper, English)