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The Learning Conference 2003

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A Not So New 'Pedagogy' : Focus on Student Learning

Jennifer Rowley.

It is challenging to any teacher of any age group to find new and innovative teaching strategies this is probably because the 'new' approach to teaching actually uses familiar teaching techniques that have been reworked into a model that focuses on student learning and improved learning outcomes. Learning should be challenging, intellectually demanding and the relevance of the learning should be made clear to the learner. The teacher must reflect on their teaching practices so they can promote a learning environment that supports the students' engagement in the learning as a life-long activity. This approach to teaching and learning emphasises being cooperative, academically appropriate and creative by both the teacher and the student. This approach is appropriate for all level of students regardless of their age or stage of learning.


Jennifer Rowley  (Australia)

School of Education
University of New South Wales

Jennifer completed 5 years as Director, Professional Education and Training with the Faculty of Professional Studies, UNSW in mid 1998. She has spent the last few years working part-time whilst completing her doctoral research study that investigated the effectiveness of teacher training (in gifted education) on teaching skills, competencies and classroom climate.

  • Pedagogy

(30 min Conference Paper, English)