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The Learning Conference 2003

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Multimodal Assessment and Reporting in Schools: What Will It Look Like?

Kerri McKenna.

Despite the use of a range of media for teaching and learning, assessment and reporting in schools is still focused on traditional forms of communication. Influenced by the work of Howard Gardner in expanding notions of types of learning and Gunther Kress in investigating and discussing multimodal teaching and learning in Science classrooms this presentation will look at one school’s attempts to rethink curriculum, assessment and reporting in the light of the technologies we now have available. Curriculum development, resourcing and professional development of teachers will also be discussed.


Kerri McKenna  (Australia)
EdD student
School of Social and Cultural Studies in Education
Deakin University

Having worked in primary and secondary school settings as a classroom teacher, my interest in information and communications technologies has led me to working with staff and students in several schools as a facilitator of change in curriculum and classroom pedagogies. A year at the Australian Television Foundation as Education Projects Manager convinced me of the need to explore further the opportunities that multimodal technologies afford us to make education for school student more enjoyable, relevant, and effective. I am currently pursuing that goal as Director of eLearning at an independent girls’ school, whilst working towards a Doctorate of Education at Deakin University in Melbourne.

  • Assessment
  • Multimedia
  • Reporting

(30 min Conference Paper, English)