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The Learning Conference 2003

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Higher Education from the Margins: Privileging Access and Limiting Choice, Whom Shall be Educated?

Dr Consuella Lewis, Dr Sharon Bailey.

The challenge of changing demographics, and the diverse composition of the United States? newest immigrants from the global village have served to illuminate the dissonance between democratic practices and democracy as an ideology. Higher education is at the axis of those tensions, as it engages in another cycle of discord while attempting to answer the question, whom shall be educated? Upon entering the universal stage of higher education, institutions, and federal/state policy makers struggle with reconciling policies and practices in order to provide access, choice and opportunity for all who choose to participate in education beyond high school. Inherent in this formidable task is the need to redefine the symbiotic relationship between capitalism and higher education. Will higher education in the United States continue to serve as the primary mechanism for sustaining class chasms or will it serve as a catalyst for social and economic mobility? This paper will examine all of the aforementioned issues by analyzing policies pertaining to access, choice and opportunity.


Dr Consuella Lewis  (United States)
Assistant Professor and Post Doctoral Fellow
College of Education
Rowan University

Consuella Lewis is the Sylvia Taylor Johnson Postdoctoral Fellow at the Educational Testing Service (2002-2003) and Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Rowan University

Dr Sharon Bailey  (United States)
Policy Associate II
Policy Analysis and Research
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

  • Higher Education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)