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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teachers as a Gatekeeper to Learning through Discussion in the Higher Education Classroom

Cecilia Chu.

Discussion as a way of learning is advocated at different levels of education. It is recognized to be valuable for collaborative pursuit of knowledge of a given topic, and for fostering democracy among the students in the process of participating in the discussion (Dewey, 1966, Bridges, 1979, Barnes and Todd, 1995, and Brookfield and Preskill, 1999). This paper reports on an on-going project exploring the perspectives of students and teachers in a higher education institution in Hong Kong when conducting class and peer discussion. The paper highlights the various perspectives of teachers on pedagogy which shaped the development of knowledge and of
democracy of their students through discussion. Their perspectives were found to be influenced by contextual constraints besides their own personal learning theories. Vignettes of classroom and interview scripts are cited to illustrate the confounding complexities in the learning culture of the community.


Cecilia Chu  (China)

University of East Anglia

Cecilia Chu is studying for a PhD in Education on topics related to teachers‚ and students‚ perspectives of learning through classroom interaction. She has been a teacher educator in Hong Kong.

  • Learning through discussion
  • Higher education

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