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The Learning Conference 2003

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Developing a Model for e-literacy Pedagogy: Book Raps as Online Multimodal Communication

Alyson Simpson.

The introduction of computers (+ the Internet) into schools has enabled teachers to set up multiliteracy experiences for children whilst working with multimodal texts and new technologies in authentic contexts. Whilst some research has been done on developing children's internet use of factual texts, little has been written which would enhance the development of future teaching practice by modelling children's internet use of literary texts. This paper reports on research into an e-literacy context, known as book raps, that allows children to explore the construction of literary texts through online discussion with other readers, writers, authors and illustrators from around the world. The research addresses the need to modify existing classroom practices by demystifying the new technoliteracies, where book raps represent a viable model of e-literacy pedagogy that "integrate new technologies meaningfully and transparently into learning activities" (Lankshear et al 1997 p12). (Lankshear, C. et al 1997 Digital Rhetorics: Literacies and Technologies in Education – Current Practices and Future Directions, DET, Canberra).


Alyson Simpson  (Australia)
Faculty of Education
The University of Sydney

Alyson Simpson is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Sydney University with a background in feminist poststructuralist critical linguistic analysis and children‚s literature. She currently lectures in the development of multiliteracies in multimodal communications. Her current research examines the potential of the Internet to create interactive critical literacy events through online book raps

  • e-literacy pedagogy
  • Book raps
  • Online multimodal communication

(30 min Conference Paper, English)