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The Learning Conference 2003

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Exploring Early Literacy Eco-systems: A Collaborative Approach to Impacting Young Children's Learning Environments

Laurie Rennebohm Danahy, Phillip D. Olson, Jennifer Jo Olson.

This workshop shares a collaborative, ecological approach to supporting early literacy. University of Idaho researchers have developed an in-service training model that helps early childhood professionals analyze and enrich literacy materials and experiences available to young children in various learning environments. Participants form site-based teams and work together through a training module/workbook over a period of six to nine months. The module explores research-based literacy knowledge and best practice and includes implementation exercises and assignments in which team members apply what they've learned to their work with children and families. Statistically significant results from pre and post training surveys of literacy related staff knowledge and skills will be presented along with associated child language/literacy outcomes. This model has been particularly effective in programs where staff have previously had limited access to professional development and will be of special interest to those seeking training options for programs in rural/remote settings.


Laurie Rennebohm Danahy  (United States)
Training Coordinator/CurriculumSpecialist
Center on Disabilities and Human Development
University of Idaho

Laurie Danahy, M.S., has worked in the early childhood field for over 25 years as a teacher, researcher, writer, trainer, and curriculum specialist. She currently develops materials and provides training for a U.S. Dept. of Education grant project focused on meeting the diverse needs of young children in inclusive settings.

Phillip D. Olson  (United States)
College of Business and Economics
University of Idaho

Dr Olson teaches and conducts research in strategy, entrepreneurship, organizational design and teamwork. He is also a trainer and evaluator for the BEST Project.

Jennifer Jo Olson  (United States)
Associate Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho

Dr. Jennifer Olson has been a faculty member at the University of Idaho for 15 years, teaching coursework in Early Childhood Special Education and Teamwork. She directs numerous federal and state projects and has published widely on the topic of team development and the efficacy of inservice training

  • Early Literacy Eco-systems
  • Young Children
  • Learning Environments

(60 min Workshop, English)