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The Learning Conference 2003

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Pathways to Successful Learning

June McMillan.

In 1994 Chapel Downs School won a $1.5 million 3 year Government project to establish a well integrated school/home and community partnership on the school site. The project provided a pre-school; After School Care Centre; Health Centre; and Parenting Skills Centre. The aim was to improve learning and literacy outcomes for children from multi-cultural low socio-economic areas.

The presentation will deal with the development of the project, related services and the number of school entrants with pre-school education - rise from 10% to 85%.

Section two will focus on participation in Auckland University "1st Year Reading" programme developed by Dr Gwenneth Phillips and researcher Stuart McNaughton looking at the programmes three components; teacher In-service and link to writing/reading. Graphs show instructional text levels have risen significantly; results are analysed every 5 weeks.

Finally a focus on development/improvement of school-wide reading.writing; including exemplars, visual Language development, teachers' Professional Development, Parents' learning and Handouts.


June McMillan  (New Zealand)

Chapel Downs Primary School

Graduate - Auckland College of Education.
Lecturer in Education - North Shore Teachers College 1977.
Principal - Finlayson Park School 1979-1984
Principal - Chapel Downs School 1985-2002
Chairperson - Chapel Downs Family Service Centre Trust Board.
President - Auckland Reading Association 1976/77
President - Otara Principals Association 1999/2000
Recipient - International Rotary Award "Paul Harris Fellow" - 1998.
Seminar Speaker - 18th World Congress on Reading - 2000.
Seminar Speaker - NZ Conference Resource Teachers of Teading - 2000.

  • Successful Learning

(60 min Workshop, English)