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The Learning Conference 2003

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Internet and Socialization: Between Teaching method and Social process.

Sveltana Sharanova.

The Internet concerns to interactive technologies, however game has all characteristic properties of the hypertext: presence of set of text spaces (subject space, game space, space of interpersonal dialogue); free moving to them, thus keeping logic connection; the friendly interface (obligatory presence at game: voluntariness, goodwill and feeling of pleasure). Therefore game can be considered as interactive technology. In turn to the Internet all features of game are peculiar: presence real and unreal with there transition from one in another and back; freedom of action
and imagination; presence of the certain rules. Therefore Internet is possible to consider as hyper-game-technology. Today there is an active inclusion Internet in process of education. As far as virtual education will be virtualizated a reality? What moral and moral values will be reproduced with virtual education? As far as it is possible to operate process of virtual education if to base on laws of game? (I tell about one from the main functions of game - morals in operation).


Sveltana Sharanova  (Russian Federation)

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

I was born 1951. 1978 I was graduated from State
Conservatoire in former Gorky . In 1994 I protected my dissertation in State Institute of Culture in Moscow. Now I am a teacher in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. My courses name "Sociology of Education" and "Business games".

  • Internet and socialization

(60 min Workshop, English)