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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Education of Man: A Quest of Excellence in the University Setting

Fazilah Idris, Zuraidah Ali.

Malaysia, as a developing country, is moving toward a more holistic approach in producing undergraduates who are indeed the valuable assets and resources of the future. In line with this, there are expectations for the universities to provide a training ground to enhance 'key skills' among undergraduates in order to make them more marketable for the workplace. At the National University and University Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia; academic courses offered ensures an avenue of social change and transformation. This paper will describe the efforts taken by the universities in meeting the objectives of the national philosophy of Malaysia. It will discuss students' perception and feedback regarding the courses made available. The paper will also highlight the role of both universities in equipping undergraduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil the demands of social, cultural as well as workplace expectations.


Fazilah Idris  (Malaysia)

Center of General Studies
National University of Malaysia

Fazilah Idris is currently a lecturer at the Center for General Studies. She's lecturing in Leadership & Interpersonal Skills and Time Management. She has 13 years of experience as an English lecturer, ranging from matriculation to undergraduate courses. Her research interests include Interpersonal Skills and Teaching & Learning.

Zuraidah Ali


(30 min Conference Paper, English)