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The Learning Conference 2003

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Why PT3? The Impact of Educational Technology Upon Student Achievement

John Davis.

Why PT3? examines three questions regarding the use of computer technologies and education. The first question addresses the effects of computer technologies on student achievement, the second regards the effects of computer technologies on school climate, and the final question examines the cost efficacy of computer technologies in our nation's schools. Using the most recent literature reviews, recent studies and survey research that was not included in the most recent reviews, our synthesis of the data demonstrates an over all positive effect that computers have on student achievement and on the school environment. It also appears that it is cost effective to use the latest computer technologies to keep our United States competitive in the global economy.


John Davis  (United States)
Associate Professor
College of Education
University of Idaho

Dr. John Davis, is an Associate Professor of Science & Technology Education at the University of Idaho. He is also the Director of the Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology (PT3) project, and Co-director of the Institute for Mathematics, Interactive Technology & Science (IMITS), . His expertise includes science education, curriculum & instructional design, and technology integration.

  • Educational Technology
  • Student Achievement

(30 min Conference Paper, English)