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The Learning Conference 2003

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Rethinking the Politics of Culture for National Integration

Tzu-Yi Hsu.

Education functions as the mechanism to nurture younger generations, based on the vision of how a society should be. Under the premise, while people describe America as a nation of nations, education becomes the arena where cultures compete for the position to be represented as America. As the demography of the United States is becoming more diversified, different degrees of cultural, social, and political tension are still not explicitly addressed. In this regard, how education should
acknowledge younger children's cultural differences under the signifier America, representing their commonality, becomes crucial. Teachers and educational administrators playing a major role in transmitting knowledge to young learners are situated in the front line dealing with these confrontations and dilemmas. It is thus of significance to delineate philosophical perspectives inherent in the curriculum and instruction to teachers and visionary educational practitioners. Without the philosophical understanding, education may serve to perpetuate inequality in the society.


Tzu-Yi Hsu  (Taiwan)
Assistant Professor
Division of Technology for Training & Development
University of South Dakota

Tzu-Yi Hsu is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Technology for Training and Development at the University of South Dakota. Her research interests include multicultural education, educational technology, and higher education.

  • Rethinking
  • Politics of Culture
  • National Integration

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