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The Learning Conference 2003

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Exploring the Role of Leadership in Creating and Fostering Learning Communities within the Business Law Higher Education Situation: The Unit Effectiveness Program

Rob Guthrie, Dr Shelley Scott.

Academic Development within Curtin University's Business Division has developed a process designed to facilitate the ongoing refinement of units in response to student feedback. This process involves obtaining student feedback (both quantitative and qualitative), reflecting on the feedback, developing an appropriate response, and implementing ongoing refinements. Reflection and discussion of appropriate refinements and modifications occur in collaborative Unit Team meetings, which are held with the Unit Controller/Leader, their tutors, and possibly, the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning. The Unit Team then develop a plan for continuing refinement of the unit and learning experiences. Unit Controller/Leaders are also encouraged to meet with their Head of School to discuss their Unit reports, the results of their team meeting, and outline the planned refinements. The Teams plan is then lodged with the Head of School. This ensures that these administrators are kept informed regarding the continuing refinement of teaching and learning activities that are occurring within their school. The following semester, the Head of School is encouraged to discuss the success of the implementation of the Team's plan and explore future directions with the Unit Controller. This process was established to promote the creation of learning communities within the Business Division. This paper explores the teaching refinement process, the challenges, and emerging issues from the perspective of a new Head of School.


Rob Guthrie  (Australia)
Head of School of Business Law (Guthrie) Co-ordinator Teaching and Learning(Scott)
Curtin Business School
Curtin University of Technology

Robert Guthrie is the Head of School of Business Law and is the winner of several teaching awards.

Dr Shelley Scott  (Australia)
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, Division of Business
Academic Development
Curtin University of Technology

Dr Shelleyann Scott is the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning in Academic Development (Business Division) at Curtin University of Technology. She is an experienced tertiary and secondary high school teacher. Her expertise includes simple and complex teaching models, cooperative and collaborative learning strategies, science, and information technology. Her research interests include professional development within educational environments, business and government; lifelong learning; the creation and maintenance of learning communities, and the use of Information Technology to support ongoing reflection and learning for teachers and students. Evaluating the effectiveness of professional development activities with a view to ensuring high quality outcomes for students is also one of her interests.

  • Leadership
  • Unit effectiveness
  • Student feedback
  • Co-ordination
  • Feedback responses

(30 min Conference Paper, English)