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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Internet for Teachers: Resources for Everyone!

Deborah Wesson.

Although much of the world takes the availability of Internet resources for granted, there are still large numbers of educators who are not aware of the potential of the World Wide Web or feel intimidated by the technology and skills needed to make efficient use of the Internet. Ironically, these educators are often from economically disadvantaged areas with very limited local resources and serve students who do not have the outside experiences they need to help them compete in a global society. The resources available through the Internet can provide support and enrichment for these students and educators and help close the equity gap between more and less affluent communities. This 'user-friendly' workshop will provide some basic internet information along with a wonderful list and visual demonstration of resources to support educators in gathering critical information, staying in touch with professional organizations, creating learner-engaged lesson plans, downloading free or cheap software, enriching home-school communications, and providing additional resources such as virtual field trips, interactive teaching sites, and multimedia materials.


Deborah Wesson  (United States)
Educational Consultant, Adjunct Professor
Early Childhood Development
Southside Virginia Community College

I have worked in education more than two decades and have taught everything from preschool to college. I have an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a Reading Core. I have worked mostly with students from severe economically disadvantaged areas and mainstreamed special education students. Before becoming an Educational Consultant, I served as a program specialist with the Training and Technical Assistance Center at Virginia Commonwealth University‚s School of Education. I am a strong supporter of the Family Literacy movement and currently am Chairman of the Brunswick Literacy Council, a local organization that recruits and trains volunteers to serve as tutors in adult literacy and family literacy programs.

  • The Internet
  • Teachers

(60 min Workshop, English)