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The Learning Conference 2003

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Paideia Seminars: Putting Students in Charge of the Conversation

Anne Kaufman.

Paideia (pie-day-a) (Adler, 1982) is a comprehensive, educationally sound program that is being implemented in over 200 schools worldwide. Paideia philosophy promotes effective teaching techniques. One of the Paideia techniques, the Paideia seminar enhances critical and interpretive thinking through Socratic questioning. The seminar is a 2000-year-old teaching strategy that is regaining a foothold as educators voice a need for more Socratic questioning in classrooms. The seminar can be used as an interdisciplinary strategy at all grade levels, using classical and multicultural readings and art forms. Participants will be introduced to the Paideia seminar process, involved in a seminar on a selection relating to the conference theme, and discuss applications, assessment, and resources. This session will benefit conference attendees at all educational levels who wish to join in an odyssey that empowers students to discuss timeless ideals that we live by (truth, beauty, goodness)and those that we judge by (justice, freedom, equality).


Anne Kaufman  (United States)
Associate Professor
Education Department
Augsburg College

ANNE KAUFMAN is an Associate Professor at Augsburg College. She teaches methods courses in the education department with a specialization in social studies. In addition, she is director of the Augsburg Paideia Program. She has been conducting seminar presentations and training for the past fourteen years. Currently, she is expanding her doctoral research to assess the impact of Paideia seminars on student learning.

  • Paideia Seminars

(60 min Workshop, English)