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The Learning Conference 2003

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School-Based Services for School Age Children

Tita Eddelman, Jack De Vore, Dr Jarrod Adkisson, Nancy Campbell, Andre' Davis.

The primary purpose of the program is to increase the emotional and behavioral skills of students. Counselors meet with students and their families at the school during regular school hours. This school-based approach is running at full capacity within a 21 school district areas and is keeping children in school and eliminates additional costs and travel time otherwise incurred by family members. School-based services is a voluntary program that is available to all students within the school systems. The services provided are funded through insurance and other third party reimbursement sources. If needed, parents or the school systems will be offered a sliding fee scale payment system and the option to a payment plan.

Sometimes children come to school feeling lonely, scared or like they don't fit in. Problems at home, such as a recent divorce or the loss of a loved one carry over to school and affect a child's ability to concentrate, learn and succeed. Larger issues such as ADHD, depression, eating disorders, etc. also affect a child's performance in school. A program that is running a full capacity within 21 schools districts in Arkansas is a model for school-based services.


Tita Eddelman  (United States)
Director of Education

Ozark Guidance, Inc

Ms. Tita Eddleman is the Director of Education for the Ozark Guidance Center in Springdale, Arkansas.

Jack De Vore

Dr Jarrod Adkisson

Nancy Campbell  (United States)
Research Associate
Department of Vocational/Adult Ed
University of Arkansas

Dr. Nancy Campbell is a gifted and talented teacher at Sprindale High School, Arkansas

Andre' Davis

  • School-Based Services
  • School Age Children

(30 min Conference Paper, English)