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The Learning Conference 2003

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Barriers and Bridges to Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning

Jill Sunday Bartoli.

The barriers to anti-racist teaching and learning include:
1. Institutional racism in K-12 schools in the USA
2. Institutional racism in colleges and universities
3. Entrenched ways of thinking about cultural and racial differences.
After describing each of these barriers, the workshop participants will be invited to share examples from their own experience.

The second part of the workshop will focus on the bridges to anti-racist teaching and learning: What approaches are successful in creating equity and a collaborative pursuit of social justice.

Some of these 'bridges' include:
1. Experiential learning in richly diverse communities.
2. Challenging the status quo in curriculum and testing.
3. Organizing for change. After a description of some successful approaches, the audience will be invited to share their own ideas. The goal of the workshop is a sharing of both the obstacles to change and the possibilities for creating multicultural classrooms, schools, and communities characterized by successful cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, mutual respect, and trust.


Jill Sunday Bartoli  (United States)

Elizabethtown College

Jill Sunday Bartoli is presently doing research on successful urban teachers and schools in high poverty, richly diverse communities. She has written three books about inequality in educational opportunity and urban issues in the USA; and she teaches courses in diversity, democracy, and the welfare of urban families.

  • Anti-Racist

(60 min Workshop, English)