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The Learning Conference 2003

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Learning to Love Learning English

Linda Gan.

Findings from local research into home-based practices in Singapore reveal parents playing a proactive role in keeping reading alive and well at home (especially English). However, their efforts tend to be directed specifically at school achievement as opposed to general literacy, with parents opting to use direct instructional strategies, supplemented by mock examination papers, rather than employing more informal approaches to promote their children's literacy development (Cheah and Gan, 1998). Similar practices are emerging at preschool, where more formal skills-based programmes seem to be slowly eroding the holistic approaches considered to be more suitable for promoting emergent literacy (Gan and Sharpe, 1999). This paper will discuss the design and implementation of an innovative language arts programme in English which has been initiated by the Singapore government in conjunction with the National Institute of Education. The training and intervention programme will be presented, in addition to the research findings of the outcomes of the programme to date.


Linda Gan  (Singapore)
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University
National Institute of Education

Linda Gan has been lecturing at the National Institute of
Education in Singapore for the past twenty two years. She has been responsible for the training of pre- and primary school teachers during this time and for developing language programmes and materials for both kindergarten and slow learning children. She is a keen writer of children's books and has published a wide range of vocabulary enrichment, reading and story books

  • Learning English

(30 min Conference Paper, English)