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The Learning Conference 2003

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Meeting Diverse Needs: Experiences of Educating Chinese Immigrant Children in Hong Kong

Kim Fong Poon-McBrayer.

The influx of new immigrant children to Hong Kong accentuated the need of immediate attention to the immigrant education. It was necessary for educators to think about modifying curriculum to make adaptation for newly arrived children and preparing themselves to meet this challenge. This research intended to understand teachers' experiences of educating new immigrant children and their views of programs offered to help these children. A total of 145 questionnaires from elementary schools in five regions were sent and 81 questionnaires were returned. Most of the respondents agreed that newly arrived children had adaptation problems and tended to regard 'low English proficiency' as the greatest obstacle to newly arrived children. Consequently, about 99% of the respondents thought that newly arrived children needed the service of 'English language course'. The general consensus was that the present adaptation services for newly arrived children were unsatisfactory. Recommendations on teacher training, induction programs, curriculum adaptation, and policy were offered.


Kim Fong Poon-McBrayer  (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong

Dr. Poon-McBrayer was a teacher of general education in Hong Kong for 7 years and of special education for 3 years in the United States. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's and Ph.D. in special education from U.S. universities. She is a licensed educational diagnostician in the U.S. and specialized in bilingual assessment. Her major research interests include learning disabilities, multi-cultural issues, gifted underachievers,
dyslexia among Chinese children, learning to learn strategies, and
classroom management.

  • Meeting Diverse Needs

(30 min Conference Paper, English)