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The Learning Conference 2003

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Results of a Study on Learning Preferences

Nancy Campbell, Jack De Vore, Andre' Davis.

The population of women that are incarcerated has for the most part been ignored when discussing educational programs. A potential issue in the effectiveness of educating women is the possibility of differences in learning preferences of prison and non-prison populations. Prison populations do in fact differ from non-prison populations in preferred learning styles: they favor an intense, hand-on approach rather than the more passive, visual methods practiced in traditional schools. These facts call for a different approach when offering educational programs in a prison setting. The research study used the Productivity Environmental Preference Survey to identify the learning preferences of women in prison. The findings indicated a need to change prison educational programs to meet the special needs of incarcerated women.


Nancy Campbell  (United States)
Research Associate
Department of Vocational/Adult Ed
University of Arkansas

Dr. Nancy Campbell is a gifted and talented teacher at Sprindale High School, Arkansas

Jack De Vore

Andre' Davis

  • Environmental Preference Survey

(30 min Conference Paper, English)