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The Learning Conference 2003

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A New Program for Apprenticeship Training

Jack De Vore, Nancy Campbell, Andre' Davis.

Arkansas has become a unique state because it has established and implemented a progressive, three day, Saturday program for teaching apprenticeship instructors (non-teachers) how to teach laymen job skills for success in their professions. The program is generic to occupations and was first designed by a teacher educator of thirty years. To date, the program has undergone six modifications adjusting to the specific needs of apprenticeship instructors. A textbook and workbook, specifically designed for apprentice training, was prepared and has been State adopted by the Arkansas Apprenticeship Coordination Steering Committee, a Governors appointed committee. Arkansas has recently made the program mandatory for all apprenticeship teachers and is now in the process of creating a second class to be taken one year after the completion of the first. The paper will address the how's and why's the new program has become so successful.


Jack De Vore

Nancy Campbell  (United States)
Research Associate
Department of Vocational/Adult Ed
University of Arkansas

Dr. Nancy Campbell is a gifted and talented teacher at Sprindale High School, Arkansas

Andre' Davis

  • Apprenticeship

(30 min Conference Paper, English)